CLIQLY Email Marketing: Is cliqly a scam?

In this digital world, everyone is promoting their products in different ways online but I must say the oldest and most effective way still remains the email marketing. The longer the list, more the lead conversions.

In email marketing, first we gather the emails of users through newsletter or subscription forms. Then we automate the process of sending daily updates, discount coupons and offers regarding the latest products directly to the users through different services providers such as CLIQLY. This increase the lead conversions and help in building better brand.

In this article we will know about the CLIQLY Email Marketing and the features they offer. Some of the personnel say it is a scam, we’ll also cover that,


cliqly email marketing

Cliqly is the world’s first wholesale email platform that pays you about 15$ to 45$ a day for sending emails to a list of 75000+ people that is given you by Cliqly. They claims that cliqly is a free email marketing software that offers you to make money if you send emails to a list of different people through Cliqly. They have done all automation you just have to choose your niche and enter you offer and just send the emails to the given email list.

Features they provide:

  1. With the help of this email marketing tool, you can rapidly connect with hundreds of thousands of subscribers using ready-made lists.
  2. Pre-approved and pre-written emails are included to drive actual traffic to any offer.
  3. To assist users in selecting an offer and generating revenue, the application also offers comprehensive email marketing training.
  4. To use it, enter the appropriate website, pick your specialty, choose the quantity of subscribers, pick a pre-written email, and click SEND.
cliqly email marketing

How does CLIQLY work?

You just Send emails to the list of thousands people given by CLIQLY itself that will take not more than 10 mins a day, you will get commission of sending these emails ranging from 15$ to 45$ a day. They have easy to use dashboard that allows you to withdraw your money easily once it reached to the threshold amount that is 300$.

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IS CLIQLY A SCAM? See what our experts says

Cliqly clearly mention that it is a free software that pay for sending email through it. But when you sign in you’ll get a message that says “UPGRADE to get more cliqly email credit” for 97$ that I must say is first RED Flag you must consider.

cliqly is it a scam

Although they will not restrict you to use services for 5 days as it is completely free for 5 days, but you will earn maximum about 45$ a day. So collectively you can earn maximum of 225$ without paying single penny, but here comes second RED Flag that their minimum withdraw amount is 300$

You cannot withdraw your earned money until it reaches to the threshold amount of 300$. It means you will have to buy their extra email credit for 97$ to withdraw you amount.

The list of email they provide to send email is also look like Fake emails to me as I have lots of email lists. This shows third RED Flag.


Cliqly is an easy to use email marketing software that pay you for sending emails to list of different people but if you want to earn money without spending single penny then I would not suggest you to use CLIQLY. But if you can pay small amount to but their extra email credits than you can earn a decent amount of money.

That’s all about CLIQLY, 

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